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The Centre for Biofield Sciences promotes a sustainable, preventative and holistic healthcare model as the preferred approach to wellness. CBS is an integrated health education and training organization with the focus on biofield research. We research and train in technolgies and techniques designed to rebalance the disharmony which leads to dis-ease in the mental and physical body.
We use modern technological advances in holistic assessment to help establish a framework for an integrated approach to healthcare and a sustainable preventative community based model. We teach, treat, qualify add quantify dieseased states and stressors. In addition, we research, validate and corelate the benefits and effects of various healing methods and frontier technologies.


We scan the biofield with the help of non-invasive technologies. Human biofield consists of aura and seven major chakras. The sanskrit meaning for the word chakra is "wheel of light". These subtle energy centers are located at the branching of the nervous systems. The seven major chakras play a major role in the maintaining the harmony of the human body. Each energy center is linked to a physiological endocrine gland via nerve plexes and directly affects the gland connected to it. Each gland releases and absorbs certain harmones which are responsible for all emotional states. In turn, this has a strong influence on the psycological functioning of the mind.

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