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Insights and resources to help drive your holistic self forward faster.

Centre for biofield sciences aims at bringing awareness about the role of complex network of energy fields in dynamic interplay with our chemical cellular systems, which is not yet present in most medical professional practices around the world.

Encouraging nourishing connections and collaboration

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It is a cosmic watering hole for the globe's healers and their well-wishers and serves as as educational and communal hub for a plethora of modalities.


Be the intiative in your community to bring about the change in holistic healthcare and wellness.


The ‘human biofield project’ is an open source research collaboration whose aim is to shed light on an important scientific frontier that for too long has been taboo to institutional based researchers.


Little drops of water make a mighty Ocean.


Influence and implications.

Curated Archive


Kundalini research has been performed for several decades, however, the collection of data using modern subtle energy technologies at the Centre for Biofield Sciences in Pune allows for current data and deeper insights into the subtle effects of raising kundalini.

Validation of efficacy of empower wellness device EM100 ™

The device based on the principle of bio-resonance coupled with reflexology. EM100 is a portable pulsated electromagnetic field generator.

Efficacy of Nutri-Energetics Systems Infoceuticals as determined by the use of four comparative energy assesment devices

Distant healing based on the premise that , healing energies can be transmitted over any distance and this form of healing can be very effective.

Join our dynamic team in pioneering research into this universally significant field.